Power and Energy laboratory

The CU Power & Energy (Semiconductors and Power Electronics) research laboratory is a fabless lab specialising in modelling, simulation, measuring and characterisation of power semiconductors and power electronic devices and converters.

The lab hosts state of the art capabilities and equipment for research on semiconductors and power electronics. This includes a facility for:

Electrical characterisation of packaged and on wafer devices

– Keysight B1505A Power Device Analyzer for Current Voltage (IV) and Capacitance-Voltage (CV) characterisation of packaged devices up to 3kV, 500A, 200C.
– High voltage probe station


Switching performance evaluation

– Double pulse evaluation boards.
– High voltage power supplies up to 7kV.


Device modelling and simulation

– Industry leading Technology Computer Aided Design suite.
– High performance workstations and computing cluster.