I am a Senior Lecturer of Electrical Engineering at the School of Computing, Electronics and Mathematics, Coventry University, and an Associate with the Research Institute for Future Transport and Cities, Coventry University. I also have the role of Academic Collaborator at the High Voltage Microelectronics and Sensors Group, University of Cambridge.

I previously worked as consultant with Cambridge Microelectronics LTD on research and development and I was a Research Associate in Power with the High Voltage Microelectronics and Sensors Group, University of Cambridge.

Academic qualifications

I gained the BA in Electrical and Information Science (completed in 2008, awarded in 2009), the MEng in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (awarded in 2009) and the PhD in Power  (completed in 2013, awarded in 2014), all from the University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK.  In 2012, I was conferred the MA, also from the University of Cambridge. In 2018 I gained the PGCert in Academic Practice in Higher Education from Coventry University and during the same year I have become a Fellow of The Higher Education Academy.

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My research focuses on power electronics, devices, semiconductors and (more recently) on batteries. These technologies are necessary when aiming to achieve highly efficient and stable electrical systems, smart grids and transport. Indeed they underpin a low carbon future. I also have a particular interest in adapting those technologies for use in automotive applications, e.g. for vehicles with more electric power train.

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Power Electronics and Electrical Machines teaching lab at Coventry University

I have been teaching and supervising students of all levels in higher education since 2009. My main recent and current teaching responsibilities include leading/teaching/tutoring 108SE – Electrical Science and M02AEE – Machines and Drives.

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