Coventry Power Electronics team at the launch event of our C-ALPS and FEV UK building

Coventry and FEV have joined forces with the launch of the new FEV UK Headquarters building at the Coventry University Technology Park. The new building and research facility hosts the Coventry University Centre for Advanced Low-Carbon Propulsion Systems (C-ALPS) which aims to become a new centre of excellence where the academic knowledge hand in hand with industry create the propulsion systems of the future.

The facility opened on Thursday 21st March and during the launch event our team prepared a demonstration and presentation of the research undertaken. Photos of the team’s presentation during the event are shown below.

The power electronics team of Power and Energy lab led by Dr. Neo Lophitis has become key member of the new C-ALPS research group.

Middle: Dr. Neophytos (Neo) Lophitis – Assistant Professor
Left: Mr. Samuel Perkins – PhD student of 4H-SiC devices
Right: Mr. Anastasios (Tasos) Arvanitopoulos – PhD student of 3C-SiC devices

The full power electronics C-ALPS team (left to right): Mr. Panayiotis (Panos) Panayiotou; Dr. Soroush Faramehr; Prof. Petar Igic; Dr. Neophytos (Neo) Lophitis; Mr. Samuel Perkins; Mr. Anastasios (Tasos) Arvanitopoulos

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“Coventry and FEV have joined forces to develop a new £50m state-of-the-art facility for creating cleaner mobility, giving a major boost to the UK automotive industry. ”